Senior PDA in the Yearbook

Straight from the heart and into the yearbook!

Our yearbook staff is offering the opportunity for parents/guardians of Seniors Only to “personalize” the yearbook in a very special way with a “Public Display of Affection” [PDA] ad.

Space is available to congratulate your senior or tell him/her how proud you are!

See sample designs, create your own, or we can design an ad for you. Let us know if you want a special background or background color, stripe of color through ad or a special font.

Consider a "Friends Page" where you and other parents include pictures and a saying about your senior and their best buds.

PDA Info To be posted PDA Order Form

Friends Page Examples:
     Friends PDA Example 1           Friends PDA Example 2         Friends PDA Example 3

Full Page Design Suggestions:
     Design A      Design B      Design C      Design D      Design M      Design N      Design O

Half Page Design Suggestions:
     Designs E & F        Designs G & H        Designs P & Q        Designs R & S

Quarter Page Design Suggestions:
     Designs I-J-K-L        Designs T-U-V-W