Dominion Power Grant 2015

Congratulations to Heather S. Miller and Megan L. Smith for receiving a grant from Dominion Power in the amount of $1,500. The grant was awarded for their proposal, "Workplace Readiness Through Positive Environmental Impacts".

Grant synopsis for Dominion Power Grant
Teaching Workplace Readiness through Positive Environmental Impacts will be a school-based composting program that supports work readiness skills for students with disabilities at Central High School in Woodstock, VA. The idea is for our students to start a simple composting program on the school grounds, using leftover food scraps from the school provided lunches. The system of composting is a multi-step process, which will allow various students from the ID (Intellectual Disability) classrooms to find a role in which they are not only learning job readiness, but also learning how to protect and promote a healthy environment.