The School Counseling Center provides multiple forms and applications for students to complete each year.  Below are some of the more common forms so that students may
access this information via the Internet from any location.



Transcript Request Form

NOTICE: There will be a $2.00 Fee applied to all transcript requests received from any student NOT CURRENTLY enrolled at CHS. All Fees must be paid prior to mailing or faxing of transcript.

  If a student is 18 years old or older, he/she must be the individual who orders and picks up the transcript.  

Additional fees (.25 cents per page) may apply to all other student records requests.   Call (540) 459-4132 with questions.

Add/Drop Form

Must be completed in FULL and contain parent/guardian signature

Early College Scholars Agreement

Complete and return to Mrs. Webb in Counseling Center

Course Retake/Grade Replacement Form

Must be signed by student and parent/guardian
and returned to Counseling Center

 Post Secondary Course -
Request for High School
Credit Form

Any student who is planning to take courses at a Post-Secondary Location (LFCC, BRCC, JMU, etc.) while still enrolled as a student at Central High School can request that his/her college credits be added to his/her high school transcript.  
Approval by administration must be obtained prior to registering for the
 post-secondary course.  

Once the agreement is signed - grades will be added to the transcript following receipt of an official final grade report from the post-secondary location.  Unofficial transcripts are not considered "official grade reports".  


PSAT Registration Form